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Secondary School of Electrical Engineering “Mihajlo Pupin”, Novi Sad – Electrical TECHNICIAN FOR COMPUTERS
and computer equipment (level four).
– Integrated Undergraduate and Master Academic Studies of FACULTY OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES, Novi Sad,
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning– MASTER IN ARCHITECTURE


– Microsoft Certificate of Excellence
– Tehnology Specialist: Microsoft Windows Vista.
– Lenovo Certificate of Achievement Think Vantage Technologies: Migration and Recovery.
– Fundamentals of Project Management


2004-2009 Company, Location: Japi Com, Novi Sad
Job Title / domain of work: IT Sector, Graphics / Design, Design / Presentation.
– Maintenance of computer hardware, computer equipment and computer networks,
– Design and presentation of works in AutoCAD, ArhciCAD-in, 3D Studio, Photoshop, Artlantis Studio, Premier Studio..
– Architectural design and presentation,
– Technical support and improve relationships with existing clients.
– System Programming and Administration
– Projects and presentation are related to objects (and their interiors), which are made of computer networks and other auxiliary equipment businesses.

2009-2010 Company, Location: LCR, Novi Sad
Job Title / domain of work: Administrative Technician
-Design and presentation of papers related to the installation of telephone exchanges and air conditioning facilities (City Hall in Novi Sad, etc.)

2011 Company, Location: Municipal Government, Sremski Karlovci – Serbia
Job Title / domain of work: Architect, jobs in the outlet for urban planning.

2012 Company, Location: Mad Head Games, Novi Sad – Serbia
Job Title / domain of work: Game Design (3D Modeling/rendering, painting, animation, programming) / Games Development

2013 Company, Location: ARCHIPUNCT STUDIO, Novi Sad
Job Title / domain of work: Architectural design, preparation of preliminary architectural design, interior design, graphic design and presentation (animations, 3d modeling, etc.), WEB design and development.


-Presentation of a personal project called “Urban planning study the revitalization of the central area Sremski Karlovci”, in sessions
of the Association of Town Planners of Serbia (February 2011). The project was commended by members of the association and was
exhibited at the 20th International Salon of Urbanism (Niš, Serbia).

-Microsoft, IBM, Graphisoft (ArchiCAD, Artlantis) courses.
-Seminar of the Association of Citizens “HIPO”,entitled “Fundamentals of Project Management” held on 17.09.2011
in the building of the municipal administration Sremski Karlovci.


Above-mentioned project was published in the catalog of the twentieth anniversary of Urban Planning
International Salon held in Niš, Serbia, 2011. Year.



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