Outer space, form of the object, details of the facade are just some of the topics which are themselves impose when you mention the word exterior …Read more →


As in the entirely architectural work, as well as its individual units – such as the interior, each element must be derived from the context of what is being done and in the same time that the context makes it for what it is. In other words, the level of architectural elements must be intertwined with each other through and through levels of architectural space – to emphasize the certain units and that harmonious certain units are elements of the overall form of the object…Read more →


Landscape architecture as a form arises not only due to the standard architectural elements but also the other: water surface, and “living architectural elements” that make it more noble and exciting. Some of the global approaches to this issue are based on the concepts that the cities will fall below with their communications and building under existing gardens and parks without damaging them. On the other side the roof of the building will be seen more often with lush gardens … So, what you should strive for when it comes to landscape architecture is ideology: there is no needs to planting the garden – garden need to be build with architectural buildings, water, rocks, trees, plants…Read more →


In the designing process we should consider all the levels of urban and architectural space and the relations between them, give suggestions for the newly designed state partially or completely unregulated area or revitalizing some existing. Most important factors that are affect on the idea and the whole consciousness during the process of urban and architectural design are the spirit of the times and the spirit of the place. In this sense, when designing the new state we must use the elements that will fit with the old – from the time which the environment is, and at the same time these elements needs to be modern in every possible way …Read more →

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